About haoyuit

1. Company Profile – Founded in 2000, Beijing Haoyu Network Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company with independent legal person status. It is a professional company that takes software development technology, network application technology and database technology as its lead to fully implement system integration business. Most of the key personnel at the beginning of the company were from Compaq, Cisco, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and other internationally renowned companies. The employees are of high quality, strong technical strength and rich working experience, so that the company’s various businesses have been successfully carried out development of. In the company’s development process, Haoyu network and the computer industry, a large number of manufacturers conducted a wide range of cooperation, the company in line with one step ahead, integrity-based purpose, the most exquisite technology, the most attentive service, the most suitable design is The majority of users provide the best quality solutions in the industry has achieved greater success and recognition. Today, our company has become a professional network-oriented system integration company focusing on the integration of large-scale networks, software application development and professional technical services.

2. Our company is specialized in computer system integration, software development and related services of high-tech enterprises, with a group of proficient in network integration, familiar with all types of minicomputers, servers and networking products and systems analysis, software development professionals, with strong applications Development strength. After two years of hard work, the company’s strength has been greatly developed. At the same time, we have realized more deeply that in order to meet the different needs of all kinds of users, we should have all kinds of different professional knowledge and professional qualities. Therefore, after long-term brewing decisions, we set up a special team of technical experts to hire In different fields have rich industry practice, technical experience in the IT industry-renowned experts, so as to provide users from the program design to installation and commissioning, application development until long-term technical support through-train service.

We provide to the user is a comprehensive, detailed technical services. Not only to complete the project plan, but also to provide a reasonable candidate, so as to ensure that users with the smallest investment for the best results. For all kinds of new hardware and software products, we can guarantee to do its best to give full play to the advantages of the product; the official opening of the system, we are responsible for providing a full range of technical training; after the sale of the product and the system is completed, we also Long-term technical support for the general problems can be resolved on-site, more complex issues companies can send someone targeted solution.

3. My company has rich practical experience in network security. The multi-level network security system jointly developed by the Company and a unit of PLA General Staff Headquarters has been approved by the Ministry of National Security, China National Information Security Evaluation and Certification Center and other departments and has been approved and praised by the majority of users in the market.

In the long-term system integration business, Beijing Haoyu Network Co., Ltd. has a lot of application system partners, with our strong integration strength and these partners in the military, government agencies, the newspaper printing industry, the publishing industry has many successful Case, explore their own unique path of development and establish a unique system of norms to ensure that I undertake any one of the company’s project implementation, operation and after-sales service. From authorized engineers, sales managers, project managers, project management team, after-sales implementation engineers, training engineers, after-sales service engineers, each of them do their duty and cooperate closely to form the company’s complete business process pipeline.

The spirit of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility, customer satisfaction, the pursuit of perfection, to achieve the goal of dedication is my company employee’s forever beliefs. For each employee of our company, a project from design to completion is not only the success of a project, but the ideal creation and realization. Cohesive corporate culture laid the foundation for the healthy development of Haoyu Network, enabling the company to surpass self-success.

Haoyu network company’s aim is to a new service concept for customers to build a safe and perfect information superhighway. Haoyu network company’s slogan is “one step ahead honesty.” We have the spirit of the supremacy of users, with strong technical force and service forces as the backing of the IT industry in today’s rapid development of the megatrends, and achieved greater success and won a good reputation and the trust of many domestic users. As we approach the 21st century, we will continue to provide users with even better service and create a better future together.